So you’re ready to kick off a youth ministry drama team? It isn’t as easy as it seems. Take it from me (a person who “launched” a youth group drama team like five times). Teens are not committed by nature. They need persistent adults to keep them driven and excited about the task at hand. Anybody can give you the best ways to start a youth ministry drama team. But I’m going to give you another angle. These are the top five ways how NOT to start a youth group drama team.

    1. Fail to establish drama team leadership. The best way to make your drama group fail is to start it yourself as a youth pastor. Drama team is best put under an adult leader who has a passion and drive for enthusiasm and drama ministry. If you take it on yourself, inevitably you will get busy and fail to maintain the group.
    2. Don’t get commitments from students. Tell them “show up if you want to be in the skit.” Guess what? A few will show up. Guess what else? They won’t show up the next week and you’ll have a different set of kids that week, causing you to have to start all over. Instead, make a quick sign up list that forces students to decide right there and then whether or not they will be there. Be sure to get their phone numbers to send out reminder texts the day before practice. A quick facebook message won’t hurt anything either.
    3. Don’t brand the group. If you don’t make the group feel like something special to be in, it will have no real value to the kids. Teenagers want to feel like they are a part of something and that they are important. This is why they join sports teams and make garage bands. They want to be important. Go ahead, make some professional looking tshirts and create a cool drama team name.

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  1. Don’t hold regular practices. If you don’t have a set practice time each week, you can be sure that even the most committed of kids will miss a large number of practices. Put some rules in place instead. You must attend 80% of practices to be in the group. Period. Stick to your guns and don’t change up practices. Hold the leaders to the same standards as the kids.
  2. Don’t encourage the kids. Teenagers are proned to self-esteem issues, so you can bet that the second they feel goofy acting out their lines, they will feel like throwing in the towel. Opt to let them know in a loving way how they  can perfrom the lines better. Tell them constantly how much they are loved and appreciated.

What about you? Do you have any tips on how to or how not to start a youth group drama team?

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