If you frequent this website, I’ll go out on a limb with a wild guess that you are interested in the spiritual lives of teenagers. Assuming such, I’ve decided to share a few statistics with you that you can pick apart, analyze and even use in some of your services if you want. No matter what you decide to do with this information, remember these statistics are relevant to the day in which we live and the teenage lives that we influence each week.

Teenage Christianity

According to a poll by the Barna Group, teenagers rank as the most spiritually active demographic in America. That may or may not be surprising to you. Whether or not they show it in youth group, they are hungry for truth during these formidable years.

Teenagers are more likely than their parents to attend church, but less likely to pray or read their Bibles. This is not surprising considering that one third of teens said their biggest reason for attending church is spending time with friends. When asked, only 45% of church-going teens said that making a spiritual connection with God at church was very important to them.

A majority (3 to 1) of teenagers prefer churches with teachings relevant to their daily lives rather than those that teach the background of their faith.

The College Years

Whether you like it or not, those loyal youth group attending kids of yours will turn into college kids one day. The Christian statistics for college students and twenty-somethings is not pretty. We need to figure out what happens (or doesn’t happen) in the church between age 13 and 29 that results in a lack of interest in young adults.

60% of twenty-somethings say that they were involved in church as a teenager but no longer are.

Only 20% of kids maintain the same level of spiritual activity during their twenties that they did during their teenage years.

It is most often not until they have kids that twenty-somethings return to church – driven by an interest in providing spiritual guidance to their children.

Most young adults’ spiritual activity occurs outside of a church body. People in their twenties are less likely to feel committed to a congregation.

Despite these numbers, a whopping 78% of young adults claim to be Christians.

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