Planning a youth group Christmas party is a tedious process, and doing so during the holiday season is even more difficult. Take some tips from the pros for planning your next youth group Christmas celebration soiree.

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Plan your Christmas party for twice the number of teens you normally have at a given youth group service. Depending on when you hold your party, it is likely to become one of your most popular youth nights. Form a budget and a party committee, and get to planning.


Anyone who’s been in youth ministry for more than 2 seconds knows that the way to a teen’s attention is through pizza. If you feel pizza is too tired for your group, opt for a dessert night or a church-sponsored pot luck. Better yet, contact a local restaurant to donate food trays for the party as a tax write-off, but be sure to supply them with a receipt for the food’s total value. Some youth groups get by with serving holiday drinks like hot cocoa, apple cider and egg nog, along with homemade cookies and other baked goods.


Try organizing several mini-games or Christmas-related competitions to keep students busy throughout the course of your Christmas party. This may mean creating a group gingerbread house making contest or organizing a gift exchange. Whatever your choose, keep in mind that not all students will want to participate in activities. Try to have a movie playing in the background for those students. We usually prefer Elf or A Charlie Brown Christmas.


Teens love free stuff almost as much as they love pizza. Try to contact some local business for small donation giveaways. Chick Fil A is known to give away free chicken sandwiches when asked, and bigger corporations such as Walmart have also been known to offer product donations. You could also use the giveaways as a slick way to promote your upcoming year. Offer gift certificates toward youth camp or your next retreat. Other ideas include youth group t-shirts, CD’s and gift cards.

Do you have a Christmas party idea you want to share? Leave a comment below to help other youth pastors out.


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