Teens love games that seem cutting edge and professional. If you have a computer or laptop in your youth room, you can play these games and have a blast. We’ve put together a list of (we’d say impressive) youth group Power Point games and screen games that don’t require Power Point for you to use at your next youth service.

Summer Themed Youth Group Game – Race This

Available as part of the Race This Volume 2 from Simply Youth Ministry, SYM is offering one game free of charge for download from their website. These games are just like the ones you see at sporting events on the jumbo screens, where one color, drink or other item races another and the crowd yells out which one will win. Each race is randomly selected and the winner changes each time. These are great for use during down time or before service and are compatible with both Mac and PC. To get your free download, click here. Or, if you can get the  full set of Race This Vol. 2 – Download.

Downloadable Game Show Games for Groups

You can download free game show games for your group, such as “Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader” and “The Family Feud.” The games are fun and interactive and available at Download-Free-Games.com. However, unless you are just really set on using your big screen to play a game show game with your group, we suggest mimicking the games on the popular show, “Minute to Win It.” They are absolutely hilarious and performed with things you already have around the house.

Customizable Wheel Spin Game for Groups – Spin that Wheel

This one is a new one and very professional looking. In fact, you could play this over and over, customizing it however you wish and using it either as the sole game or to enhance a game you are already playing. It works by imputing your prizes onto the wheel and letting your kids spin for prizes such as t-shirts, gift cards, or a bag of chips. The possibilities are limitless. Alternatively, you could use the wheel to determine something the players have to do in the game. For example, lose a turn, get a free spin, lose all your points, or you could imput actions, such as eat 15 marshmallows in 45 seconds or some other ridiculous task. Your a youth pastor – you can come up with something, we just know it. To check out the game and view a demonstration, click Spin That Wheel – Download.
Spin That Wheel - Download


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