Let me just start off this post by saying that this is not a paid advertisement and I am not getting some kick back from recommending this camp to you. Camp Padre rocks my world. And I mean that.

Last January we had the opportunity to meet Jaroy Carpenter, camp director of Camp Padre. He has been doing these camps for 20 years and is a seasoned pro. I had been to a camp on South Padre Island once before, and enjoyed it. I wanted our youth to have the same opportunity.

Our kids came back absolutely transformed and changed beyond what we ever expected. Unlike most youth camps, there were no dorms, community showers or cafeteria food. Instead, Camp Padre was held in an upscale resort on the beach with stunning views, catered meals and some stellar services. Camp speakers are always on their game, and the Interface worship band knows when to jam out and when to be serious. At the end of the week, the entire camp heads to Schlitterbahn Water Park for a day of tubing and sliding.

I am telling you from experience, if you want to experience God in a new way and be around passionate people who love teenagers perhaps even more than you do, check out Camp Padre.

Oh, and by the way, if youth group summer camp isn’t your thing, Jaroy and Kim Carpenter also organize a yearly winter ski retreat and an annual missions trip to Mexico. For more information on these trips, visit Solid Rock Resources. And if you are looking for a camp speaker, I am pretty sure Jaroy does that too.