In our many years of youth ministry, no indoor youth group game stood out more, nor was requested more than Ranger, Bear, Dog. Now don’t get me wrong, the game was not my idea, so I do not take credit for it. ( I actually have no idea where I picked it up.) But none the less, it is a hit.  And perhaps best of all, it is a FREE game for youth ministry.

It helps to think of the game as a giant Rock, Paper, Scissors competition. Organize students into two teams. Draw a line in the middle of the room with duct tape*. Line up each team along the line with their toes approximately six inches from the line, facing each other. An announcer yells, “Ranger, Bear, Dog!” On the word, “Dog,” each team strikes a predetermined pose, with each team having 7 seconds before the round to decide the single pose that everyone will strike.

The poses act as following:

RANGER                     Kills Bear                          pose as if aiming to shoot a rifle

BEAR                            Eats Dog                           pose as a bear standing on two legs with claws in the air

DOG                               Urinates on Ranger     pose with one leg bent in air as a dog would urinate.

Before you say anything, yes, I know that last one is a little disgusting. But that’s kind of what youth ministry is about and what makes the game so funny.

Anyway, I digress. Back to the game. Once each prospective team strikes their pose, it is a matter of quick thinking to decide who won the round. If team one strikes a Ranger Pose, and team two strikes a Bear Pose, team one is the winner. However, team two must make it to the wall behind them (Or across a back borderline) before a team one member tags them in order to remain in the game. The team to lose all of its members first loses.

* If you don’t have duct tape, mark a defining border line that is easily discernible by everyone in the room.