Recently I came across a free website called Huddle that offers a free online workspace for managing files, tasks, calendars, and so much more. It struck me that this might serve a youth pastor very well considering his or her day to day activities and duties. The service acts as a type of “workspace” that allows you to share files, documents and calendars online (Think parental release forms, upcoming events, etc.)

Furthermore, Huddle has online storage space, whiteboards, and even allows its users to host conferences online (Think youth leader meetings, etc.) The entire system is web-based which is pretty cool too. This means no installations – just a simple log in username and password to access the system from anywhere in the world.

The site is also integrated with LinkedIn, Facebook….and yes…the mighty iPhone. To check it out, I personally signed up for a free account immediately (free for life). After doing so, the system took me to my new dashboard, as seen here:

As you can see, the dashboard is where you access whiteboards, files, calendars and notifications. The Huddle calendar is able to integrate with your OS calendar (Windows for example). You can also give others access to parts of the workspace, or lock certain documents that are not ready to be released. Upgrades are available for users who want more storage space or more work spaces. I encourage you to check it out here: Huddle Collaboration. It may be just the resource your ministry needs.

Huddle Collaboration