Ah, Valentine’s Day. It’s the one day every 365 days that we lavish our love and affection on another person with cheesy gifts and expensive dinners. Teens buy into the hype as well, and this time of year is perfect for talking to youth about sex. We know what you’re thinking – why me? Why put you in a room full of giggly students to talk about the most uncomfortable and least talked about subject in church? Well, because it’s just that – the least talked about subject in church. And teenagers need a Godly perspective on the topic.

Teens face sexualized media, music, movies and are surrounded by hundreds of hormone-driven students everyday at school. The problem isn’t teaching them about sex, rather, it’s teaching them about God’s plan for sex in their lives. Many youth pastors choose to take the entire month of February to focus on dating, sex and purity.

Valentine’s Day Backgrounds – Download

Just this month, Youth Ministry 360 released an incredible resource for youth pastors doing just that. Instead of fumbling through a hand made series for your group, they have put together the Live Different series pack, complete with 4 weeks of lessons on sex and holiness. It comes with two media videos, parent resources to involve families in the series, male/female small group discussions, digital banners for your website or Facebook page, student handouts, PowerPoint guides and promotional art to put up in your youth room or church. Below is an excerpt from the overview of the first lesson in Live Different:

Today’s teenager lives in a hyper-sexualized society. And while sexual immorality has plagued humankind
virtually forever, we seem to be in the midst of an age where the glamorization of sex is unprecedented. Teenagers are
bombarded by messages about sex and sexual behavior. What does our culture say to teenagers about sex? Culture says
sex is part of who you are, and that a teenager’s sexuality is simply one facet of his or her identity. Culture says sexual
expression is an important aspect of being young. But most importantly, culture says that sex between two consenting
teenagers is OK, if not normal. As long as sex is not coercive, marriage, and maybe even love, doesn’t really matter. The
problem is that this flies in the face of how the Bible talks about sex and sexual expression. It’s imperative that teenagers
learn God’s intention for how they are to make choices about sex and sexuality. This first lesson in Live Different helps
students understand the biblical context for sex and its expression.

Live Different by Youth Ministry 360 Now Available

If you want to take the traditional route and create your own message or youth sermon series, check out our previous post on teaching kids about Love, Dating and Sex. In it, we tell you how to put together a series that teens will never forget.